Bremelanotide is a Palatin Technologies future treatment for male & female sexual dysfunction. For information about this and many other existing and future treatments for arousal disorders, please read & subscribe to the "Bremelanotide Bulletin"
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A biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing melanocortin (MC)-based therapeutics. It is currently performing clinical trials for subcutaneous administration of Bremelanotide, and eventually a "nasal mist" delivery system.
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read more - Boosts women's sex drive... stimulates brain arousal.

ABC News (KITV) - Viagra Type Drug For Women Closer To Reality.

Wired - Would you inhale to boost your sex drive?

Salon Magazine - Do women want a sex-drive drug?

Pherlure - University Tested and Proven Pheromones. Click 'Pherlure' for more info.

CalTech Media Relations

First came Viagra, which gave men the physical ability to you know what ... But being ABLE to ... doesn't necessarily mean you WANT to.

Science to the rescue!

Booman Tribune

If a woman has sex with a man that she wouldn't normally let within 10 feet of her just because he slipped her a pill that made her horny, is that consent..?


PL-6983 is the new Bremelanotide

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