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Bremelanotide's PT-141 Test Results

While searching online for information about Bremelanotide, I stumbled upon an article featured last year on the New York Metro website.

It is a very thorough, five page compilation that discusses both the history of how this revolutionary product was discovered and reveals how it has affected early test subjects - both rodent and human.

Here's a summary of some of the more important parts of the item, with a link at the end to the New York Metro's article....

The Bremelanotide Experiment

After the Phase 3 clinical trials, which will take place in the very near future, the final product will go to the Food and Drug Administration for review. Once approved - Bremelanotide should be available for purchase.

PT-141, what Bremelanotide used to be called, was developed from a substance called Melanotan II which Palatin Technologies purchased the rights to develop. Melanotan II was originally isolated by University of Arizona researchers looking for a way to provide a healthy, sun blocking tan without needing exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays.

And Melanotan II actually ended up being able to that and more - it also seemed to help with weight loss, acted as an anti-inflammatory, and... increased sexual desire.

With so many lucrative results, Palatin decided to isolate each of those qualities in the lab by experimenting with variations of Melanotan II’s molecular structure.

And that's how PT-141 was born.

Phase I

Tests on rats were exceptionally successful. Male rats - who were virgins, incidentally - achieved erections without any sort of obvious stimulation. And more than once in a session.

After obvious successes were observed in male rats, Palatin Technologies approached Concordia University behavioral-neurobiologist Jim Pfaus, who had previously done research in the sexual response of female rats.

After providing PT-141 to the female rats they began performing traits associated with mating, including wiggling their ears and kicking the male rats in the face (I didn't realize rats were into S&M!), and even observed some female rats MOUNT a male rat herself!

The Concordia results provided powerful evidence that PT-141 did not arouse male rats by increasing blood flow like Viagra does - or at least not exclusively - but acted in a way that worked on female rats too.

Phase II: How did PT-141 affect the 900 Humans Lucky Enough to It?

Applying the inhaler up to the nose and administering a dose of PT-141 apparent resulted - in most reported cases - with a "stirring in the loins" in as few as fifteen minutes...
Women, according to one set of results, feel “genital warmth, tingling and throbbing,” not to mention “a strong desire to have sex.”
Men - who comprised the majority of test results - provided many other notable quotes about Bremelanotide's effectiveness...
With PT-141, you feel good, not only sexually aroused,” reported patient 007 in the Phase 2 trial, “you feel younger and more energetic.”
Another patient said: “It helped the libido. So you have the urge and the desire. . . . You get this humming feeling; you’re ready to take your pants off and go.

And another: “Twice me and my wife had sex twice in one night. I came in [to work] and I just raved about it: ‘Jesus, guys . . . 58 years old and you don’t do that.’

Patient 128: “My wife knows. She can tell the difference between Viagra and PT-141.”

Patient 041: “On the five-point scale, I would rate the erection I had as a six.
So while Viagra acts on the circulatory system, helping blood flow into the penis, it appears PT-141 goes straight to the brain.

And how might this drug affect the World...?

The New York Metro article refers to the direct and peripheral "revolutions" that came about after the Birth Control Pill was introduced into society.

Before the "The Pill" came along four decades ago, sex and procreation were inseparably connected (no pun intended). But afterwards, that link was substantially optional...

The Women’s liberation, gay rights, and the abortion controversy, according to the New York Metro, are "arguably the Pill’s indirect consequences".

And if society could be so radically changed by a drug that can simply lessen the chance of getting pregnant - what can we expect from a drug that can dramatically increase sexual desire at the press of a button..?

The Bremelanotide Bulletin
The Bremelanotide Bulletin will continue to report not only the progress and upcoming release of this product, but also discuss the potential ramifications of its presence in our society.

BTW, you can click here if you are interested in reading the entire New York Metro article about PT-141 that was summarized here.
[Note: Article opens in a new window and is hosted at the New York Metro website which may remove it at any time]

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Bremelanotide's PT-141 Test Results


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how soon before Brem is approved by the FDA >>

12:30 AM  
Blogger Editor said...

Palatin Technologies reported they are meeting with the FDA to present Phase II(b) results this month (August).

The next edition of the Bremelanotide Bulletin is being delayed until the results of that meeting are announced.

Then the final Phase III trials will be preformed and those results presented to the FDA once again.

Then it's just a matter of getting getting the FDAs approval (hopefully)... and how long that takes will be up to them. :)

Hope that helps and thanks for commenting!

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can I participate in this study?!?

6:17 AM  
Blogger stroder said...

My wife and would also like to participate in phase 3.

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how would my husband & I volunteer for Phase 3 of the study.

12:11 AM  

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